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     There's nothing like the tangy flavor of chives on potatoes, the robust flavor of garlic in spaghetti sauce, enjoying the happy scent of cinnamon or being refreshed by the aroma of mint.

     In a recent Herbology class, I asked my students to smell several herbs and to take notice of how each herb's fragrance affected his/her body.

     Those who inhaled the lemon thyme leaves said they felt calm. Those who smelled the aroma of basil said the scent made them happy. And those who inhaled the robust fragrance of the sage said the aroma reminded them of the holidays.

     During this class, I shared with my students that the aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel simmering in water created the feeling of "being home for the holidays."

     I also shared with them that ginger reduces inflammation, tumeric helps reduce arthritis pain and memory loss, and that rosemary is a natural sunscreen and can help make a person's hair shine! Just put some rosemary in a cheesecloth bag then put it in a saucepan of water. Boil it, let it cool then use it as a final rinse.

     You may want to include in your garden some of the herbs listed below. You can bring them in when this year's gardening season is over or you can dry or freeze them.

     As I told my students, herbs are Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet. And in addition to being medicinal, herbs add zest, flavor, and spice to life.

Aries: beneficial herbs are chamomile, to help calm; peppermint, helps regulate the brain and nervous system; and rosemary, a relaxant.

Taurus: beneficial herbs are irish moss, a cleanser; myrrh, thyroid gland cleanser; and sage, both a relaxant and diaphoretic.

Gemini: beneficial herbs are chive, an antibiotic; licorice, respiratory system cleanser; and mullein, an antibiotic.

Cancer: beneficial herbs are alfalfa, a diuretic; juniper, an antibiotic; and nettle, helps calm a nervous stomach.

Leo: beneficial herbs are garlic, a heart strengthener; hawthorn, helps reduce high blood pressure; and rosehips, an antibiotic.

Virgo: beneficial herbs are fennel, a cleanser; ginseng, a digestive tract cleanser; and nutmeg, a relaxant.

Libra: beneficial herbs are false unicorn, a cleanser; marshmallow, a relaxant; and sassafras, a purifier.

Scorpio: beneficial herbs are mistletoe, a relaxant - but use in small doses; peach, promotes healthy hair; and queen of the meadow, a diuretic.

Sagittarius: beneficial herbs are hops, a cleanser; okra, a digestive tract cleanser; and quassia, a cleanser.

Capricorn: beneficial herbs are hyssop, a blood purifier; mullein, a skin cleanser; and pennyroyal, a relaxant - do NOT take while pregnant.

Aquarius: beneficial herbs are comfrey, Mother Nature's cure-all; parsley, a digestive system cleanser; and rosehips, a cleanser.

Pisces: beneficial herbs are arrach, a nervine or relaxant; chickweed, a blood cleanser; and shamrock, a diuretic.

     By the way, basil helps create happiness and dill helps improve eyesight.  If you would like additional information about each of the sun signs, beneficial foods, herbs and vitamins, the health issues of each sun sign, the mercury retrograde cycle, the moon's influence, compatible sun signs and/or a sun sign preferred gift list, details may be found in the books, The Best of Miss Dee and Health, Astrology, and Spirituality, both by Miss Dee.  Additional health related helpful reading are the booklets, "Thoughts on Health," "Thoughts on Being Cherished," and "Thoughts on Relationships," of the Warm Fuzzies series, all by Miss Dee.  Please see the Books page.  


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