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Soul Treasures

  by Miss Dee

  Life Purpose IlI  

     "Your special life purpose does not need to be glamorous, earth shaking or bring you fame and fortune. It does not need to be an important, world?saving discovery. And it does not need to be important to anyone except you.

     Your special life purpose is a dream, an idea, a desire or a wish that continually tugs at your heart because it wants life. It wants to be honored. It wants recognition and love. And it wants to live its life through you.

     In giving life to this dream, idea, desire or wish, not only will you bestow contentment and personal satisfaction upon yourself, you will experience inner peace and more joy than you ever thought possible."    Miss Dee

     The astrological aspect known as the Yod points to a person's life purpose. "The Yod aspect creates a deep, burning inner desire to do something extraordinarily special or unique this lifetime.  My specialty is to clarify what mission is calling for completion," says Miss Dee.  Spiritual & Astrological Readings.  Meet Miss Dee.  


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